• Debit Order Service

    Automate Debtors Process
    The flexibility of the debit order system allow for easy automation of the entire debtors process. Request payment, reconcile and take action.
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  • Debit Order Service

    Increase Cash Flow
    Don't wait on your debtors to pay you on their terms. Debit orders increase your cash flow and ensure you get paid on your terms.
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  • Debit Order Service

    Reduce Dispute Rates
    Collect under your own user code / company shortname. This reduces debit order disputes and increases credibility and trust.
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  • Debit Order Service

    Improve Budget Planning
    With debit orders you know when you will be paid since you initiate the process. This allows you to budget more accurately.
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  • Debit Order Service

    Save On Bank Fees
    Debit order is the most cost effective solution to get you paid. Save debtors and yourself on fees, make use of debit order collection.
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  • Debit Order Service

    Immediate Payouts, Low Retentions
    Supercharge your cash flow by obtaining a sponsored debit order facility and benefit from immediate payouts, low retentions.
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  • Debit Order Service

    Eliminate Cash Risk
    Receiving and handling cash is high risk and costly. Reduce the risk of accepting cash, use a debit order service to collect funds directly.
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  • Debit Order Service

    Cut Out The Middleman
    Direct Debit connects your business directly to Bankserv. Cut out the middleman perform debit order collections on your terms.
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NAEDO debit order collection

NAEDO Debit Orders

Non-authenticated Early Debit Order (NAEDO) aims to level the electronic debit order collection playing field by creating an equal opportunity for creditors to collect funds from their debtors.
EFT debit order collection

EFT Debit Orders / EFT Credits

The EFT debit order system is available to all businesses and enables fast and efficient processing of salaries, account payments and debit orders. Debit order collection via EFT is the simplest and most cost effective solution.
AVS Account Verification Service

Account Verification Service

Account Holder Verfication (AVS) is performed in near real-time batches. AVS is a service that allows you to verify whether a natural person or legal entity claiming to be is indeed the holder of a specific bank account.

Debit Order Quotes

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Before applying for a debit order facility, please ensure you meet our minimum requirements for approval.

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Debit Order Collection

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Debit Order Products

We offer the industries first electronic debit order mandate solution. Try it out...

Cloud-based electronic debit order mandate solution which complies with the ECT Act and allows your customers to sign and authorise your debit order mandate from anywhere and on any device. See http://www.emandate.co.za.

Debit Order Pricing

Currently our debit order service pricing is only available on request. Ask us...

Our debit order service is volume based and we do investigate custom pricing tiers for high debit order collection volume businesses. Contact us to get started.

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Debit Order Services

We offer the following debit order collection facilities Request a quote...

•  EFT Debit: Same Day (SDV) and Two Day collections.
•  NAEDO: No tracking option as well as credit tracking for specified number of days.
•  AEDO: Chip and pin card solution to initiate debit order agreement.
•  EFT Credit: Same Day, One Day and Two Day payments.
•  AVS: Verify account ownership of both natural persons as well as legal entities.

Debit Order Systems

We provide access to the following debit order collection systems Request a quote...

•  File upload: Web-based, login and upload debit order batch file.
•  Contract management: Client information can be loaded and updated.
•  Integration: Your front-end system integrates directly with the banking system.

•  SaaS billing: Cloud-based, automated billing solution provided by SnapBill.