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Debit Orders Save Bank Fees

In the last decade debit order collection services used by both small and large enterprises have grown immensely in the South African market.

The convenience of collecting your fees through a debit order system is so effective and effortless that it has become a trend to have at minimum the option of payment via debit order in every business.

The first place large enterprises will turn to is their banking partner, the partner that they have been using ever since they started business. Unfortunately the major banks do not care much for businesses trying to obtain debit order facilities, they will usually make you wait for lengthy periods, require large amounts as security, make you sign surety and if you’re not collecting millions probably turn you away.

This is where Direct Debit can really bring the best of both worlds together, professional collection services on a banking level, quicker and more effective than third-party “bureau” service providers.

We provide businesses with a direct debit order facility through to Bankserv, in the same way the major banks will provide debit order facilities to third-party collection providers. This effectively makes Direct Debit South Africa’s only tier-1 debit order service provider.

We open a separate, fully audited, bank account for each business we service, which results in your customer easily identifying your business on their bank statements as well as the benefit of getting in touch with you directly when they have a query, instead of first having to go through the third-party service provider to get in touch (this often leads to increased frustration and disputed transactions).

Our unique service will enhance your reputation with customers as they will be able to deal directly with the business providing them the products or services and also decrease your dispute ratio as the customers know which company is debiting funds from their bank account.

Direct Debit also provides other services, including the first ever electronic mandate solution in South Africa, credit checking services, account holder verification and SMS-messaging services that will contribute to the success of your company.

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