Reduce your debit order dispute rates

Reduce Debit Order Dispute Rates

The causes of high debit order dispute rates

There are many causes to high debit order dispute rates. Some of the most common include:

underhanded sales tactics,
lack of data capture procedures leading to human error,
failure to verify account information,
continually debiting clients who have previously disputed,
debiting clients who cannot afford your product/service and
client distrust related to the inability to communicate creditor / value received on a transactional referencing level.

We can help reduce debit order dispute rates

Direct Debit assists your business with putting in place debit order systems which ensure compliance with best practice sales methodology, enforcing data capture procedures and ensuring bank account information is verified.

Our credit check system allows you to determine your clients affordability ahead of time by seamlessly performing credit checks via Transunion, Experian and XDS.

The Direct Debit systems make sure customers who have previously disputed transactions are not debited again.

Direct Debit connects your business directly to BankServAfrica and allows your business to collect from customers on your own unique user/short code. We do not collect funds on your behalf. Funds are collected directly into your bank account.

Instead of transactions being referenced “BUREAU 123456 YOUREF”, Direct Debit references transactions as “YOURCOMPANY 123456”. This greatly increases your customers trust and reduces dispute rates.

If you’re interested in discussing your businesses debit order requirements further then contact us and we’ll assist in reducing your debit order dispute rates.

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