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E-commerce in the South African market has grown immensely in recent times as South Africans are becoming more comfortable buying products online.

This lucrative industry has seen a lot of success with companies generating billions of Rands and will continue to grow in future as consumers can easily access a wide range of products and services through the click of a button.

Subscription based e-commerce

Subscription based e-commerce is a fairly new concept to the market as e-commerce has always been known for its once-off transactions between the consumer and online store.

At the heart of embarking in this new direction will be to set up the recurring payment of subscription based products in such a quick and effective way so that the convenience factor of buying online does not get lost.

Sign electronic debit order mandates online

Direct Debit has the perfect solution for any subscription based e-commerce business in South Africa. We provide small to large enterprises with our electronic mandate solution, EFT or NAEDO debit order facilities and SnapBill for your invoicing and debit order collection needs.

The electronic mandate solution will allow consumers to complete a debit order mandate electronically, where they will be able to sign digitally from any device and the mandate then gets sent in PDF format to both the online shop and the customer. The mandate also gets stored as set out in the ECT Act and PASA regulations.

For more information regarding our electronic mandate solution, please visit:

Our debit order facilities include both EFT and NAEDO which allow you to transact directly via Bankserv. We have a few debit order systems available including file upload, contract management and an integration option where the e-commerce store and our debit order systems can be directly linked.

We also offer other facilities like EFT credit facilities and account holder verification that can also be integrated with the e-commerce website.

SaaS billing solutions

SnapBill, one of our leading partners can provide an entirely automated process with regard to payment solutions as the e-commerce website will be able to add various payment gateways such as Direct Debit, PayPal, PayFast and Iveri only to name a few.

SnapBill also provides online invoicing, automatic reconciliation of payments, statements and SMS-messaging services all on one platform.

For more information regarding payment solutions and invoicing via SnapBill, please visit:

Our recurring payment solutions will give your subscription based e-commerce business the convenience factor to differentiate it from all other e-commerce businesses.

Succeed in e-commerce with the help of Direct Debit, the future of debit order collection.

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