The best solution for debit order collection and invoicing

Debit Orders Drive Cash Flow

The best solution for debit order collection and invoicing

Direct Debit is a debit order collection company that provides comprehensive billing and invoicing solutions to businesses of all sizes who are looking for a direct and professional collection channel.

We provide businesses with a direct debit order facility with Bankserv where you will be able to collect your funds on your own user code and reference.

Instead of our debit order transactions being referenced “BUREAU 123456 YOUREF”, as in the traditional bureau collection model, Direct Debit references debit order transactions as “YOURCOMPANY 123456”. Your customer will be able to contact you directly when a query arises. They no longer have to deal with a middleman.

Your clients know your company and brand. Now that they are able to contact you directly it will promote a stronger trust relationship resulting in substantial reduction in debit order disputes. Increase your cash flow from day one by making use of Direct Debit’s systems.

Our main goal is to automate the entire debit order collection process as far as possible. We do this in a variety of innovative and industry leading ways.

Electronic mandates, an industry first…

We’ve created the first ever electronic debit order mandate solution in South Africa. Your clients are now able to sign mandates electronically, the signed debit order mandate gets sent to both your company and your customer as a PDF document and is digitally stored and signed set out in the PASA regulations and Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002.

For more information regarding our electronic mandate solution, please visit:

Credit checking system

Credit Office, our credit checking system will give credit providers access to a fully integrated credit management system that consists of various user-friendly components to provide a powerful and flexible solution.

If you’re looking for a system to reduce bad debt, improve profitability and speed of service, reduce the number of days’ sales outstanding and in doing so increase market share – Credit Office is made for you.

Credit Office connects you to services like Transunion, Experian, XDS, CollectIT, TraceIT, ListIT only but to name a few.

For more information regarding our Credit Office system, please visit:

Debit order collection services

Our debit order collection services include both the EFT and NAEDO debit order collection facilities, as well as EFT credit facilities where clients will be able to pay employees/suppliers using our systems.

Debit order systems at your disposal include the basic file upload system and a contract management system for a more automated debtor management process. We also provide custom integration capabilities based on your specific needs.

Account holder verification (AVS) is another great service we provide businesses with that helps in establishing if your clients supplied the correct banking details, if the account has been open for more than (3) three months or if debits are indeed allowed on the account.

Direct Debit strives to bring quality products and services at affordable prices to all our clients, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, we try to accommodate every business need.

SaaS (cloud-based) billing solution

We’ve recently integrated with a cloud-based online billing and invoicing company, called SnapBill. With SnapBill you are able to load your clients onto their web-based platform, send debit order batches (with a click of a button), automate reconciliation of payments, send bills, statements, past due warnings and hence obtain a complete billing solution with the necessary audit trails for your business.

For more information regarding SnapBill, please visit:

Debit order solutions for any business

Our debit order collection services are especially designed for businesses in the following sectors: insurance industry, brokerages, funeral cover, security companies, internet service providers (ISPs), telecommunication companies, accountant and audit firms, schools, colleges, non-profit companies, churches, retirement villages, property administrators, medical practitioners, cleaning services, storage companies, the gardening industry, pest control companies, training, fitness, health centres, franchises and other businesses providing recurring or subscription-based services.

Benefits of using Direct Debit as your debit order service provider:

  • Improve collection of monthly fees by using our debit order facilities.
  • Better budget planning and increased cash flow.
  • Seamless collection of fixed or varying amounts.
  • Build a trust relationship with your clients and reduce dispute rates by collecting directly through Bankserv using your own user code.
  • Reduce collection costs including legal fees, bank fees and administrative costs.
  • Automate the payout of salaries and wages by using our EFT credit facility.
  • Account Holder Verification services to verify account holders by matching their registration numbers or ID numbers.
  • Automated debtors process, using SnapBill’s invoicing and billing solutions.
  • Get client authorisation electronically using our electronic mandate solution.
  • Credit vetting of fee payers, using Transunion, Experion and XDS.
  • Perform criminal checks on staff members.
  • SMS messaging service to send confirmations, notifications and news to customers.

If you would like some more information please contact one of our friendly account managers or request a free quotation today!

Direct Debit, the future of debit order collections.

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