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Direct Debit provides professional tailored debit order collection solutions for all types of security companies. The private security industry is known to be largest in South Africa.

This comes as no surprise to citizens living in our beautiful country as it has always been known for crime. Crime statistics unfortunately continue to rise and citizens are steering towards better protection through manned guarding, assets in transit, physical security , alarm monitoring and armed response only but to name a few.

The private security industry is performing basic security functions that once used to be the core functions provided by the police. This has led to the significant growth in the market where security companies are able to provide citizens with tailor-made solutions with a direct focus on their neighbourhoods and personal security needs.

The private security industry has also been a big contributor to the employment sector where private security training programmes and aspiring security guarding has come to be widespread in our risky society.

Along with the exponential growth and big contributions to our economy, the private security industry will never be able to do everything operationally by themselves. The industry has worrying operational factors like collection of monthly security fees from clients, administration costs, high banking fees and of course the large volumes of salary payments made to staff members.

We here at Direct Debit can make life a lot easier for one of the largest industries in our country. We are able to provide our NAEDO and EFT debit order collection system to collect monthly fees seamlessly, an EFT credit system to make timeous payments to guards and other staff and criminal record checking facilities to make sure that you employ only the best.

Our mission is to make every aspect of the debit order collection and debit order payment process as automated as possible, leaving more time to focus on your customer and their security needs.

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