Debit order collection for the cleaning industry

The cleaning industry in South Africa is a highly competitive and versatile industry that has shown immense growth in today’s markets.

Let’s face it, we all need the attentive and effective cleaning services that the cleaning industry provides us with.

Individuals, small businesses and even larger enterprises need a clean environment to live and conduct business in, that is why cleaning services can be considered a core business service.

The cleaning industry prides itself in excellent service delivery which is not an easy task especially when you’re operating in a highly competitive field.

Things like debit order collection of payments and billing of clients usually is not a top priority as cleaning service providers are competing for business and trying to maintain excellent service levels.

Direct Debit has the ideal solution for the cleaning industry’s debit order collection and payment needs.

We provide EFT and NAEDO debit order collection systems to collect fees seamlessly and EFT credit that will make the headache of paying cleaning personnel something of the past.

We also tie in with an automated billing and invoicing system called SnapBill, that will automate debit order batch collections, conduct monthly invoicing and automate the entire debtors process, enabling you to focus on the excellent service that you provide your clients.

Direct Debit also provide other services including account holder verification, a credit checking system, SMS messaging to clients for promotion or reminders for payments as well as our electronic debit order mandate solution.

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