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Non-profit organisations have one goal in mind and that is to inspire more giving by providing pro-social tasks in their communities.

These organisations have been growing in South Africa as our communities are moving towards the ideal of doing things for the greater good and moving away from tendency to chase financial gain.

The no margin, no mission approach has become something of the past, as the mission alone is fulfilling enough for individuals partaking in non-profit organisations and how they maximise to serve their societies within South Africa.

Non-profit organisations include a wide range of organisations including churches, charities, NGOs, educational institutions, medical, law, scientific, arts and culture, home owners associations and unions only to name a few.

This extensive range of organisations can all benefit from Direct Debit by using our debit order collection facilities to collect their monthly membership fees and donations to better serve their communities as funding is readily available. Direct Debit increases cash-flow by making it easier to process collections and payments via debit order.

Direct Debit not only provides NAEDO and EFT debit order systems, but also provides other beneficial services like our electronic mandate solution and bulk SMS services, that will save non-profit organisations on hefty administration costs, improve accessibility to their members and provide them with a professional audit trail.

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