Credit Check System

Credit Check System

Credit Office is a fully integrated credit management system that consists of various user-friendly components to give a powerful yet flexible solution. Reduce bad debt, improve profitability and speed of service, reduce the number of days’ sales outstanding and in doing so increase market share – means that Credit Office is made for you. Managing your credit has never been so easy.

A range of powerful components enables you to automate various tasks in your endeavour to manage your daily business. The system is easily configured to fit your business requirements, not the other way around.

Features of Credit Office


Extensive consumer and commercial credit reports, NLR and CPA data.


For consumer and commercial credit reports. A direct link to the leading commercial credit bureau.


Consumer and commercial reports including flexible tracing reports.

Bank Codes

Electronic bank codes all banks including international.


Company registration data.


Bank account verification service.


Debtor collection management allowing for listing on Transunion – a simple pain free approach.


Trace and track bad debtors.


List default debtors with Transunion and Experian consumer and commercial.

SMS Engine

For marketing or collections as well as CRM and sales management.


A direct link into all the deeds offices with online reports on ownership, mortgages and title history.


A first in obtaining electronic title deed documents.


Online computer assisted property valuations. Property values by street and suburb since 1993.


The National Address Directory allows fast matching of addresses to erf numbers and ownership confirmation.

Credit Office is made for the SMME marketplace for processing all facets of the daily business and most importantly with the ever increasing number of satisfied users; Credit Office comes with the right pedigree.

Credit Office goes further than merely retrieving credit information for you, it includes tracing and collecting on your bad debts; with a range of functionality, which improves your cash flow.

Having access to credit and client information, together with the ability to have access to online credit applications to all leading banks as well as the capability of collection on your money, gives you the comfort you need, to know that your business deals are good and that your hard earned revenues, belong to you.

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