EDO and EFT debit order collection

Authenticated Collection

Direct Debit are industry leaders in debit order collections in South Africa. Whether you are looking for an EFT or NAEDO debit order facility, with or without Account Holder Verification, Direct Debit has you covered.

Debit Orders for Improving Cash Flow

Debit orders ensure your business the best possible cash flow obtainable while saving you and your clients on hefty bank fees. Direct Debit performs EFT debits and EFT credits at a fraction of the cost of your banking partner.

Direct Debit integrates with all major South African banks and ensure your transactions are settled in a reliable, timely and highly effective manner. Direct Debit is the trusted name in debit order collections.

EDO Solutions for Better Success Rates

As an EDO solutions provider, Direct Debit provides highly competitive NAEDO and AEDO collection services to clients across a broad range of industries. Competitive NAEDO tracking rates makes our NAEDO system a viable solution for any business looking to improve their debit order success rate.

Contract Management and Debit Orders

Our debit order contract management solutions ensures your business is empowered to manage and automate your clients debit order processing. We offer a variety of contract management solutions with various levels of integration available. Find out more about our  debit order system.

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