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Direct Debit is a debit order collection company that provides comprehensive billing solutions to businesses of all sizes who are looking for a direct and professional collection channel.

Direct Debit provides clients with a direct debit order facility at the bank, where each client get their own bank account and can view what comes in and goes out of the account at any point in time. This provides our clients with substantially more transparency as to what is actually paid, unpaid, disputed and the fees billed.

Our direct debit order facilities are plugged in directly to Bankserv where you will be able to collect your funds on your own user code and reference, as well as get faster reconciliation of the successful, unpaid or disputed transactions.

Direct Debit provides debit order systems which assist businesses in the management of their debit order collection facilities. We have created our own payment systems and integrated with popular billing solutions to assist you in invoicing, management of clients and automation of your debit order batches.

Most collection bureaus only have one system available which is the simple file upload system. Using this system, you have to create an excel spreadsheet with your client’s banking details and submit the file for the specific day on a specific time to the bureau system.

Updating and changing the spreadsheet can take some time and forgetting to submit certain files on specific times can be a daunting and frustrating task all on its own.

Direct Debit introduces a number of systems that can automate the submission of debit orders and reconcile the payments to invoices to get rid of the headaches of forgetting and needing to change spreadsheets and manually reconcile each client’s account.

Debit order systems available at Direct Debit include the following:

File Upload System

The file upload system is a web-based debit order system. You login with your user code and password and upload debit order batch file. This system, in its most basic form, includes manually uploading a CSV file to the system with your client’s banking details.

File Upload Debit Order System


  • Web-based and easy to use
  • Immediate feedback as to which accounts are incorrect
  • Processing of correct accounts, providing a report for incorrect transactions that you can resubmit after correction
  • Uploading files is fast and effective
  • Unlimited batches per day
  • Reporting, repayment schedules and banking report available at all times

Contract Management System

This debit order system is used as a database. The contract management system includes predetermined fields for your client’s details that can be completed by your staff with convenience. At the specific action dates the system will automatically extract the file and upload it for processing every month until the contract term ends.

Contract Management Debit Order System


  • System can be used as a database, storing all the information of your clients
  • Contracts are loaded on the system only once
  • Contracts run automatically each month (week) for the duration of the contract
  • Contracts can easily be adjusted or cancelled
  • Client management through reports on client listings, expired contracts and contracts in arrears
  • Unlimited batches per day
  • Reporting, repayment schedules and banking report available at all times

Integration (Web Service API)

Integration options are perfect for businesses wanting to send the debit orders directly through their own systems. This is a debit order api or web service where by your front-end system integrates directly with the bank for the facilitation of debit order collections and reconciliations. This is done via Simple Object Attachment Protocol (SOAP).


  • Debit order batches submitted directly through the integrated system
  • Reports can be reconciled directly to your own systems
  • Assistance from our developers setting this up
  • Especially designed for enterprise-level organisations who want to make use of their own technology
  • Unlimited batches per day
  • Reporting, repayment schedules and banking report available at all times

SaaS Billing

Our debit order collection system is also fully integrated with an online billing system called SnapBill, where you are able to automate the sending of a fully customisable invoice, add customers to the specific month’s debit order run and as soon as the results of the debit order transactions are returned, the system automatically marks your client as paid, unpaid or suspends the account if a client disputes the transaction.

The SnapBill debit order system also automatically processes batch reconciliation and provides statistics and customisable reports.

SnapBill Billing System


  • System can be used as a database, storing all the information of your clients
  • Clients are loaded on the system only once
  • Debit order batches are submitted by selecting the clients who should be added to a batch according to action dates
  • Automatic reconciliation of each client as paid, unpaid, disputed or still pending
  • Running statement of each client, where amounts owed for a specific client can be viewed at any point in time
  • Cut-off times for batches of 15:30 due to direct integration
  • PCI Compliant allowing the system to store credit cards to be processed on a recurring basis
  • Unlimited batches per day
  • Reporting, repayment schedules and banking report available at all times

The automation of the entire billing process will save businesses considerable time and money. Our integrated systems are very easy to use, affordable and fully automated.

Let us recommend the best system for your business
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