Debit order collection integration options

Debit Order Integration

Direct Debit are the industry leaders in debit order collections in South Africa.

Whether you are looking for an EFT or NAEDO debit order facility, debits to credit cards, Account Verification Services (AVS) or even an easier way to sign your debit order mandates, Direct Debit has you covered.

We have different systems available that will allow your business to fully automate the debtors’ process in order to minimise human intervention, improve accuracy and increase productivity.

Our systems include the well-known File Upload System, Contract Management System and also various integration options.

When it comes to integration Direct Debit prides itself in providing businesses hassle free options to integrate directly with the South African banking system and accept payment via our debit order collection facilities.

Our integrated options include the SnapBill system which provides your business with the ability to send fully customisable invoices, add customers to a specific debit order run and receiving reconciliation automatically, marking each invoice as paid, unpaid or suspending a client in the case of a dispute.

After the debit orders are processed and reconciled, the system also allows you to send out updated monthly statements as well as past due warnings should your clients have failed to make payment.

This online system is implemented by connecting directly to your website via a REST based API, saving you on development cost and lengthy implementation times.

Another integration option available to our clients is direct integration, where by your front-end system integrates directly with the banking system / Bankserv for the facilitation of debit order collections and reconciliation. This is done via Simple Object Attachment Protocol (SOAP).

However, with direct integration there is a requirement for you to have your own developers liaise with us to properly integrate the facility with your website. In order to  facilitate this, we provide detailed system documentation, testing and assistance to guide you during the integration process.

Debit order integration is a very important aspect for facilitating payment collection in many online businesses. Therefore, integration with Direct Debit’s systems and processes will enable your business to automate the entire process from recurring invoicing to the reconciliation of payments for each debtor.

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