Account Verification Service

Verify Bank Account Holder

Account holder verification (AHV or AVS) is a service that allows you to verify whether a natural person or legal entity claiming to be is indeed the holder of a specific bank account. This is done by verifying the persons identity number (ID) or business registration number against the bank account.

A true or false response will be obtained on successful verification and you may also be informed whether the account has been open for more than three months. Bank account holder verification, AHV, is an effective method of reducing the risk of fraud when collecting funds from many accounts. Account holder verification may be done individually or in bulk.

Bank account holder verification

Bank account verification

You can reduced the risk of rejections in your debit order collections by making use of bank account verification. As mentioned above, with bank account verification the risk of fraud is also greatly reduced as you determine, in advance, whether the customer is indeed the holder of the bank account as claimed. This saves your business time and money instead of having to deal with unauthorised debits from fraudulent bank account declarations.

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