NAEDO facility for improved debit order collection rates

Your business and NAEDO collections

If you’re struggling to collect funds from debtors then you may wish to consider looking at using a NAEDO collection facility. Unlike EFT debit orders, NAEDO collections improve your business chances of successful collection.

NAEDO transactions are presented and processed before the regular EFT debit order runs and your chances of successful collection is therefore greatly increased. NAEDO transactions are also randomised which means all creditors have an equal chance of collecting successfully from their debtors.

NAEDO allows you to track your customers bank account for a number of days. Should funds not be available when the initial debit run is processed you may specify for how many days your customers bank account should be tracked for. If funds are received by your customer whilst NAEDO tracking is in effect, the funds will be blocked and debited from the account. Many businesses are choosing to switch from our EFT debit order system to NAEDO for improved debit order collection rates.

If you’re looking for an easy and cost effective way to improve your businesses debit order collections then NAEDO is the answer.

NAEDO collections for call centers

Call centers will find NAEDO collections to be the most effective way to collect funds from their customers. Direct Debit does offer its NAEDO collections services to businesses in the call center industry. These businesses pose a higher risk to Direct Debit and need to comply with the requirements as set out below:

  • Copies of company documents
  • Proof of business premises
  • Copies of identity documents for all directors/members
  • Proof of residence for all directors/members
  • Confirmation of membership with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA)
  • Business plan
  • List of the products being sold
  • All terms and conditions of use relating to the product/s sold
  • Please indicate whether you are the owner of the products being sold
  • If you are not the product owner and are purchasing the products and reselling, contracts to support the authority to sell these products will need to be provided
  • Please indicate whether a paper/voice mandate is used or both
  • If a paper mandate is used, a copy will need to be provided
  • A copy of the document that will be sent to all clients within 21 days of a successful sale
  • If voice mandates are used, the minimum requirements need to be adhered to, and we require sample voice recordings to verify this
  • Proof of capability to retain voice mandates for 5 years
  • Complaints policy
  • Cancellation policy
  • Site visit from a representative
  • Indicate how leads are generated? If information is being bought, a copy/extract is to be provided
  • If an existing debit order service provider is being used the following will apply:
    • Please indicate unpaid ratio
    • Last 3 months reports reflecting transactional history 
i.e. Number of successful transactions, unpaid transactions, transactions disputed

If your call center meets these requirements then request a quotation today to see how we can improve your debit order collection rates while saving you money on your existing debit runs.

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